Training & development

Delivering training that engages employees and has a real impact on practice is a challenge facing employers across the care sector. 

Key learning models:

eLearning, videos and blogs

  • A learning approach which allows staff to access content on their tablets and mobiles can transform the way they deliver care
  • Animated video can be one of the more powerful learning tools

Personal development

  • Place personal development at the heart of your training services 
  • Instead of pushing programmes at your colleagues, create a pull for learning – use curiosity.
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“We must make care work a career of esteem, where a living wage is paid, staff are trained and recognised as valued key workers who contribute a huge amount to society.” Paul Burstow 

Improve staff retention, transform the way care is delivered 

How can eLearning help care providers train more staff, more affordably?

Appealing eLearning courses are simpler to create

With our software, we have made it super easy to create engaging courses and share then with your teams

Publish courses that work on every device 

Use technology – tablets, mobiles, animated video and blogs – to allow staff to access content when and wherever they wish

Help with key courses

A unique range of professional courses that your teams will embrace. 

How can the use of training services help personal development of staff and save administration time?

Reduce the time needed to manage the training process

Review all your staff training from your own private dashboard.

Easily communicate with staff to maximise interest

Manage your staffs personal development experience from one single, easy to use interface with the use of a fully automated and templated management suite.

Help with leadership, management and motivation

If you are motivated to make a difference for your company and your staff but don’t have the skills, time or expertise then speak to us and we can show you where we make a difference through our reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated approach.

From advice on contracts and procedures to help with dealing with difficult procedures, our down to earth offer practical support whatever the challenge.

A range of services that will enable you to solve your recruitment problems. Source, attract and hire individuals with the right values for your business.

H&S experts help clients take charge of compliance through practical guidance, cloud-based technology, and measurable results. 

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