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Solutions for Care and Health Providers

We provide a toolbox of software and services that empowers Care Providers and Health Professionals, with the latest digital cloud based technology and forward thinking managed services, enabling their organisations to increase the provision of effective, collaborative and affordable care without compromising quality.

We provide software and services to support and enable:

  • Care Management and Care Plans
  • Remote Care Management (Long Term Conditions)
  • Personal Health Records
  • Caregiver Management
  • CQC compliance
  • Training and e-learning
  • Recruitment
  • HR

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Remote Care Management

Many people need to communicate regular physiological readings to manage medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or other chronic conditions. 

  • Readings may include other physiological or fitness data. 
  • Medication reminders
  • Symptom checker
  • Monitoring and wellness surveys.

Caregiver Management

Available on one calendar accessible from any device allowing you to remotely monitor if care is being provided against a personal care plan.

  • Caregiver selection and carer management,
  • Task coordination 
  • Exception information.
  • Hold Caregivers accountable for meeting clients’ needs.

Personal Health Record

Empower Clients and Patients with a Personal Health Record with powerful tools to better manage their health

  • Personalised User Experience
  • Promote a collaborative approach to care
  • Appointment Scheduling and Secure Messaging
  • Care Plans and Health Journals
  • Operate on any data platform and integrate with any Electronic Patient Record 
  • Integrate with clinical and home health devices, Wearables and Apps.

Care Management and Care Plans

Effortless communication and engagement with family, carers and health professionals helps you support your client to live their life their way.

  • Help your clients reach their goal of staying healthy at home.
  • Client-centric digital workflow system that is easy to use and comprehensive. 
  • Dynamic Personalised Care Plans
  • Ensure real-time visibility and reporting of tasks 
  • Efficiently collect and securely share information

Whatever your care organisation needs, we provide you a single point of contact for leading solutions 

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