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Software Selection & 
Implementation Support.

Like many care providers, you may want to move from manual processes or legacy systems to implementing effective technology in your service. Technology allows you to easily use the information to shape how care is provided by your service while improving the quality of care. It can also allow you to demonstrate this to regulatory bodies.

Buying a comprehensive and easy to use Care Management Systems (CMS) has a direct impact on an organisations service, operational and financial capability, it’s success requires significant investment in time, money and training for employees. In addition, organisations need to correctly choose a solution that not only meets current needs, but also supports future growth.

This makes the software selection process critical for a successful implementation for the long term. Spending the time to ‘do it right’ the first time can save time, money, and increase employee satisfaction.

Managing a successful software selection process and subsequent implementation is usually quite time-intensive. We work with you to decide on a customised level of support.

Requirements Analysis & Vendor Selection

  • We have reviewed over 30 Care Management Systems and bring insight from speaking to numerous Care Homes and Home Care Agencies about the technology they’ve tried or use.
  • We recognise every organisation is different and will work with you to identify your current and future business requirements from both a functional and technical perspective. 
  • We will then work with you to identify a Business Requirements Report (BRR) that can be used as a template for the operating model of your business systems.
  • Based on your Business Requirements Report, we can therefore rapidly identify, evaluate and short-list vendors and arrange suitable demos focused on your requirements. 

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Implementation Support: 

  • We help you plan and implement your chosen IT systems.
  • Data Cleanse & Data Load. Whether you are moving from a paper system or a legacy system, ensuring a smooth transition of information is essential to setting up an effective system.
  • Open APIs. Many systems nowadays have the ability to automatically communicate with other systems, increasing efficiency savings. Experience with APIs enables you to capture theses benefits more quickly.
  • Managing Change. Ongoing effective communication to your team and your clients, so they understand and support the changes.
  • With our specialised Implementation and Project Management services, we can provide expert resource and project management support to ensure that your system implementation remains on track

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Requirements Analysis

Business Requirements Report

Vendor Selection

Implementation Support

Data Load & Data Cleanse

Open API’s

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