Transformational technology for the nhs

A cloud based interoperability platform capable of integrating activity across
The Care Continuum   

Our solutions provide a backbone to integrate to existing NHS data, mobile devices, health apps & approved medical devices supporting the re-design and bench-marking of common processes across the care continuum.

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Integrated Health & Social Care

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Integrate information and coordinate activity across Health and Social Care. A single care plan and a single health record shared between Healthcare professionals in NHS and Social Care with controls to allow patient and family access to capture and monitor healthcare their data.

Care Plans & Remote Condition Management

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Create and share patient centred plans between healthcare professionals and family members. Manage conditions remotely using integrated healthcare applications and approved medical devices.

Care Process Design & Improvement


Agree common datasets for conditions and compare the effectivity across CCG's to determine best practice processes. Interoperability combined with advanced API's support the rapid deployment and integration of third party healthcare applications to build processes and share data.

Comprehensive Health and Social Care Integration Platform Supporting Patient Centred Care

 Value Based Care is only possible if we have the vision to design new care delivery models and can leverage, share and exploit data from the multiple legacy databases used across health and social care 

Realize your vision with technology to support healtcare process transformation  



Vendor Neutral and Interoperable

Works with any EMR, HIE, or clinical data repository providing single sign on to access information from multiple databases. Robust API's 

Condition Templates

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Utilise standard or create your own condition templates. Bring your own App or interface with third party Apps to populate condition templates.

Benchmarking & Analytics


Capture and analyse data to support Population Health or condition management. Where common process are agreed benchmark across health systems and technology platforms to determine and collaborate on best practice development and standardization.

Modular tools supporting the rapid development and deployment of processes along the care continuum.


  • A modular ecosystem for the application of system and device integration
  • Works with EMR, HIE or other clinical systems
  • Integrates with both common health & clinical devices
  • Single Sign on capability
  • Available as a cloud or on site installation 

  • Comprehensive Care Management Tools
  • Vendor neutral and interoperable
  • Collaborative tools allowing healthcare professionals to work together manage both chronic conditions and health and wellness
  • Personalized User Experience

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