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Marketing For Care Homes


If you’re looking to market a Care Home, you’ve just come to the best place to find the answers you need. As specialists in helping our clients stand out from their rivals, our skilled Partners have specialist knowledge of the Care industry, making them the perfect agency to send you the brilliant new brand you’ve been dreaming about, kick-start the campaign that never began, or inject some energy into your social media platforms.

We offer a wide range of services and products to give your Care Home a new lease of life, or to give your brand new Home or Care group the image you have created in your mind, to create your brand from scratch, then to develop and manage it with continuous analysis and review of success.

If you want any advertising from a logo, a photo shoot, flyers and posters to a full website or rebrand, contact us to find out how we can help. There are plenty of great advertising companies out there, but as we do, very few know the Care industry and the challenges facing it in the UK.

Website Design

As leading Care Home website design professionals, you will not find an organisation that is better suited to your needs

  • Our care home websites are fully responsive, so they will appear exactly as designed regardless of on which computer they are displayed.
  • With more and more people surfing the web on smartphones and tablets, easily accessible, clear and concise information is essential.
  • We understand from our extensive industry experience that each of our clients faces different challenges, and We are well-equipped to create different websites for different types of care–so how can We help you?

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Digital Marketing

  • As the saying goes, “I’m happy when you’re happy,” and when it comes to our customers, that’s completely true. Our digital marketing results speak for themselves, so we’d be more than happy to help if you want similar results for your home.
  • In just one year, one of our Partner’s clients, saw online inquiries rise by 105%. We saw a 79 percent increase in the conversion rate for another company.
  • We will start with an initial consultation for you and show you real results. You should trust us with your digital marketing as a licenced Google Partner.

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Why choose The Living Circle?

If you’d like to know more about the services we offer to the care sector, please contact our services and software team on 01242 896380 Alternatively, you can use our Contact Us page.

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