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Human Resources.

Our mission is to work with owners, care managers and care workers to create a happy, engaged and motivated team which leads to a productive and successful business.

In our experience, it is employee relations that are at the heart of running a successful care business and this is where we love to concentrate our efforts.
We operate by immersing ourselves in our client’s care business and their culture. We want to know what’s important to staff, what’s missing, what is done well and what can be improved. We listen to people and make improvements to maximise staff motivation, engagement and ultimately the profitability of the business.

Staff are recruited based on the values, trained using the values and measured against the values. This way everyone is truly working towards the same goal and are proactively engaged in the business and their own development.

Employee Relations

  • We are proactive in ensuring employee relations are successfully managed by helping build trust-based relationships between employer and employee.
  • Managing employee relations helps create a happier workplace which in turn improves business outcomes and the well-being of employees.
  • We will cover all areas of employee relations including recruitment, induction, training, structure, absence management, mediation and grievances.

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HR Documentation

  • HR documentation is the written and retained record of employment events in line with Employment Law.
  • We work with clients ensuring they understand all that is needed and that both employer and employee are treated fairly and professionally. 
  • We will cover everything to include contracts, handbooks, bespoke templates, formal letters and software and employment law legislation.

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Why choose The Living Circle?

If you’d like to know more about the services we offer to the care sector, please contact our services and software team on 01242 896380 Alternatively, you can use our Contact Us page.

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