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Help with contracts or a tricky employee — Build a positive, professional, productive team

Human Resources for Care Sector

Employee Relations

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We are proactive in ensuring employee relations are successfully managed by helping build trust-based relationships between employer and employee.

Managing employee relations helps create a happier workplace which in turn improves business outcomes and the well-being of employees. We will cover all areas of employee relations including recruitment, induction, training, structure, absence management, mediation and grievances.

Human Resources

Company Culture & Staff Engagement

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Company culture and staff engagement comes through a clear vision for the staff and the company, enhanced and maintained through training, communication, coaching, feedback and management. 

If you are truly motivated to make a difference for your company and your staff but don’t have the skills, time or expertise then speak to us and we can show you where we make a true difference to your business through our reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated approach.

Human Resources 

HR Documentation

Domiciliary Care | Care Homes | Adult Care

HR documentation is the written and retained record of employment events in line with Employment Law. We work with clients ensuring they understand all that is needed and that both employer and employee are treated fairly and professionally. 

We will cover everything to include contracts, handbooks, bespoke templates, formal letters and software and employment law legislation.

Employment Law

Disputes | Dismissal | Redundancy | Settlements | Tribunals

Domiciliary Care | Care Homes | Adult Care

Problems at work can be extremely complex and often difficult to resolve. Problems can arise from poor performance, illness, absence, conflict, mistakes and unfair or discriminatory treatment. Experience tells that a long standing dispute, if not properly managed, may lead to affected employees leaving the workplace whether by way of resignation, dismissal, redundancy or settlement agreements. The likelihood of bringing or defending an Employment Tribunal is therefore ever present.

With years of experience our team understands how far reaching the consequences of workplace disputes can be for all involved. Our objective is to help clients resolve their situation in the best terms as quickly and effectively as is possible in the circumstances. 


Human Resource (HR) 

Kelly has over 15 years’ experience in the HR world having worked for many leading companies. 

Kelly is a proactive HR professional and firmly believes that HR should be fun, engaging and provide a healthy environment for all to flourish.

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