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Recruitment & Retention

  • Significantly increase the choice of candidates  
  • Help with adverts, short listing and interview process   
  • Reduce agency staff and administration costs 

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Care Training

Workshops, Training Packs & online

  • Health and Social Care courses
  • CQC and CSSIW Compliance Workshops 
  • Care Certificate

Care Policies and Procedures for CQC compliance, staff training and management.
Peace of mind that your compliance requirements are up to date and being met

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Care Policies & Procedures

All your documents for:

  • CQC Compliance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Care & Client Management


CQC Compliance & Audit

The tools and help you need:

  • Mock Inspection toolkit
  • Inspection helpline
  • Improvement to Rating

HR Employment Law | Health & Safety
Manage, empower, develop and retain staff | Keep your people protected and your business compliant.

HR & Employment Law

Giving you the support you need

  • Keep you up-to-date with the latest legislation
  • Contracts, handbooks, systems and policies
  • Maximise staff motivation, engagement and retention

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Health & Safety

Health and safety advisors that

  • Identify any hazards and risks around your premises, 
  • Provide you with a handbook and policies,
  • Keep your people protected and your business compliant

Software for Care
All our software solutions are cloud based, scalable, easy to use and affordable.

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Care Planning

CQC compliant electronic Care Planning and Delivery system

  • Ensure care is timely and nothing is being missed
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Transparency between care givers, employers and family



Simple and secure medication management application

  • Eliminate medicine administration errors
  • Comply with CQC standards.
  • Patient on-boarding
  • Medicine reorder request directly to pharmacy


Rota Management

  • Make it easy to build and share your rotas, make changes and manage time off requests
  • Get rid of Excel spreadsheets 
  • Spend less time organising staff and more time growing your business.


Shift Filler

  • Connect care workers & employers 
  • Inform staff about shifts available at short notice 
  • Encourage staff to take shifts
  • Avoid expensive agency fees

HR - Software

Manage, develop and retain staff

  • Easy to Use
  • Specifically for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Manage employee data, payroll, expenses, benefits, on-boarding, training, absence, workloads & performance.

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Health & Safety - Software

Keep your people protected and your business compliant:

  • User Friendly
  • For any size business, across single sites or multi-sites
  • Easy access to up-to-the-minute policy versions
  • Engaging e-learning options

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