How to start a Home Care Agency


The TLC 16 Step Home Care Start Up Plan  

1. Create a Business Plan

2. Start Up Costs & Cashflow

3. Registered Manager

4. Get CQC Policies

5. Register with the CQC

6. Organise Training

7. Get HR Advice

8. Find a Bookkeeper

9. Select Care and Rostering Software

10. Select Financial Software

11. Set Up Website

12. Get Care Agency Insurance

13. Recruit Care Workers

14. Buy Uniforms

15. Market & Secure Clients

16. Organise ongoing Business Support

No hard sell, just guidance and advice to support you every step of the way

1. Create A Business Plan

Support to complete the Business Plan

From £295 (excl. VAT)

Starting a new business in any sector involves a lot of initial planning and consideration. Put time, effort and attention into the early preparation and your business is more likely to succeed and grow exponentially.  You may wish to start by considering your career background, your qualifications for adult care and any existing connections you can utilise, for example with suppliers or potential clients 

A comprehensive business plan will help ensure success in the long term, aid you in securing funding if needed and assist you with organising your time. With this in mind, you may wish to have support to write and prepare your home care agency business plan. 

Your Business Plan should include:
  • Overview of Your Business (Name | Services  | Target clients | Operations & Staff)
  • Your Services in More Detail
  • Deep Dive on The Market
  • Analyse Your Competition
  • Your Plan for Marketing

Support can be provided via the phone or email or a face to face meeting if preferred.

2. Care Agency Start Up Costs 

Support to analyse start up costs and prepare a cash-flow

From £595 (excl. VAT)

The support will be centred on CQC requirements or tailored to your specific needs. 

  • Help to analyse likely costs
  • Consider the timing of costs and likely receipts from first customers
  • Prepare a simple cash-flow 
  • Identify any funding needs to support the early stages

Support can be provided via the phone or email or a face to face meeting if preferred.

3. Registered Manager

Search and recruit a Registered Manager

From £1495 (excl. VAT)

As part of your Business Plan, you may have decided that you will be the Registered Manager, either with existing or future qualifications. Alternatively you may decide to recruit a Registered Manager and this position is likely to be key to the success of your business in the early stages.

Your time, resource and recruitment expertise may be limited. Recruiting talent in care is challenging and recruiting a  Registered Managers that shares your values, commitment and work ethic can be very challenging, It is therefore a worthwhile investment to use recruitment experts who understand the market, the needs and requirements of Registered Managers and the specific recruitment process needed to effectively advertise, attract and secure the right person first time. 

Our Search services can make sure key steps are taken to find and select people with the right values, skills and experience to help your business be a success. 

4. Care agency policies and procedures

Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliant policies 

£995 (excl. Vat) or £99 (excl. Vat) per month

Domiciliary Care Policies and Procedures (over 130 available) that are researched and written to meet all the regulatory, legislative and good practice guidance within the Health and Social Care sector in England. 

  • Policies & Forms created by leading knowledge experts
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Easy to follow manager’s notes detailing how to personalise and adapt the policies.

The package includes

  • Full set of policies and procedures
  • Policy update service
  • Full set of forms and templates
  • Employee Handbook
FREE Updates and Form templates:
  • Free Updates for a Year - The update service is FREE for up to a year when you purchase a full set of Policies and Procedures
  • Includes Form Templates (worth £299) completely FREE!
One to one advisers available for all enquiries

5. Application Form for CQC Registration

Help to complete the application form | First Visit

£725 (excl. VAT)

CQC registration advisers who are highly qualified, experienced and are able to mentor and coach you through the registration process. This service includes:

  • Provision of advice and information on both business and service requirements for companies setting up as a care provider. 
  • Advice and support with policies and procedures, staff training and all aspects of development and growth of your business.
  • Fully explain and assist you in understanding the CQC outcomes and regulations
  • Preparation for the initial CQC registration visit.

Our aim is to ensure your registration is successful and you understand how to maintain compliance.

6. Training

The Care Certificate Package

£425 (excl. VAT)

Any staff you hire must complete CIS training and gain a Care Certificate (if they’re new to the care sector).

The Care Certificate pack has been designed to be easy to follow and accessible for both the trainer and the trainee. Written by users for users, we have made our packs more manageable by dividing the core units into 3 x 1 month sections making modular learning much easier. 

The Benefits of The Care Certificate Package 

  • Designed by users for users
  • Work books included in the price
  • Includes observation guidance for assessors
  • Includes certification
  • A single purchase allows you to print as many copies as you require.

7. HR Advice

HR Documentation and Start Up Support

From £425 (excl. VAT)

HR documentation is the written and retained record of employment events in line with Employment Law. We work with clients ensuring they understand all that is needed and that both employer and employee are treated fairly and professionally. 

We will cover everything to include contracts, handbooks, bespoke templates, formal letters and software and employment law legislation.

8. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and Cash Management Support

From £30 per hour (excl. VAT)

You take care of business and let a bookkerper take care of the books! 

9. Care Management Software

Rostering | Care Plans | Call Monitoring | HR | Interface to payroll and invoicing

From £9 per employee per month (excl. VAT)

Avoid endless texts and out of date spreadsheets. 

Select Software that lets you see all aspects of your care business in one place. 

  • Rostering & Care Worker Management
  • Care Plans
  • Call Monitoring
  • Compliance Records
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Carer and Family Apps

10. Financial & Payroll Software

We recommend Xero Accounting Software with Xero Payroll as an optional extra

From £20 per month (excl. VAT)

  • Get your books done faster - Xero can automatically handle tasks that used to take up all of your time. From importing bank transactions to sending invoice reminders, it’ll do the work for you. 
  • Feel confident in your numbers  - It’s easy to get a snapshot of how your business is tracking. You can also invite your accountant or bookkeeper so they’ll ensure you meet all your tax obligations. 
  • Look after your staff with Xero Payroll. It’s fully integrated with Xero 
  • Do business from anywhere, on any device  - It’s easy to access all your data and Xero tools from anywhere – just connect to the internet. 

11. Website

Website, SEO and Digital Marketing Support

Competitive Quote

Your website should be focused on generating results through measurable leads. 

  • Customise your website landing page.
  • Maximise your effectiveness using targeted Pay Per Clicks (PPC) campaigns.
  • Use tools and techniques to make Google, Bing and Facebook work for you.

12. Care Agency Insurance

 Domiciliary care insurance is a specialist area, requiring expert assistance

Competitive Quote

We work with a leading care specialist insurance broker 

  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Treatments Liability

13. Uniforms

Polo shirts, carers’ tunics and comfortable work trousers for men and women. 

Competitive Quote

  • Carers tunics are manufactured with infection compliant material for extra peace of mind. 
  • The care assistant uniforms are ideal for care companies requiring a consistent look for their staff. Find various colour options on offer plus various styles for men and women. 
  • Get your care uniforms embroidered with our uniform personalisation service for that perfect finishing touch to your carers uniform and healthcare tunics.

14. Recruit Care Workers

Hiring qualified, trustworthy, friendly and reliable care workers is crucial

Domiciliary Care | Adult Care - From £525 (excl. VAT)

Hiring qualified, trustworthy, friendly and reliable care workers is crucial to the success of your home care agency. 

We can help with a targeted, cost effective recruitment strategy.

15. Market & Secure Clients

Digital Marketing | Client Marketing | Referral Marketing

From £495 per day (excl. VAT)

  • Use messages that increase visits to your website and are consistent across all marketing channels
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your website in converting visitors into enquiries
  • Help you convert enquiries into paying customers
  • Maximise the number of enquiries received and converted 
  • Integrate recommendations effectively into your existing processes
  • Use evidence of the good work you do to win new business.
  • Encourage your staff, customers and contacts to help you win business

16. Ongoing Business Support

Growth | Profitability | Cash Generation | Customer Services

From £495 per day (excl. VAT)

Talking to organisations in the Care Sector has provided an overview of many of the common barriers to growth for domiciliary care business

  • Difficulty in recruiting Care Workers or Managers
  • Insufficient Private Pay Clients
  • Overwhelming paperwork
  • Inefficient software systems
  • Shortage of resource
  • Lack of Management Bandwidth

However we understand that each domiciliary care business is different. 

Policies, Forms & Support -  Package 1

Policies | Forms | Handbook | Training Pack | Business Support

Domiciliary Care | Adult Care - £1695 (excl. VAT)

The Business Start Up Package is the ideal solution to help you establish your new service. 

The package includes

  • Full set of policies and procedures
  • Policy update service
  • Full set of forms and templates
  • Employee handbook
  • Care certificate trainers pack
  • Staff training pack 
  • 4 hours business support from one of our industry experts to advise, guide and support you through those challenging early days.

Our aim is to help you realise your business objectives from inception through registration and beyond and the Business Start Up package has been designed to be an integral part of helping you to achieve success 

The start-up package is an excellent and cost effective solution for starting up your care business and you save over £800 if items are purchased separately – Now that’s GOOD Value!.


Start Up | CQC Application | Mentoring

Taruna has worked with providers in the Health and Care Sector since 2012 . 

Taruna has written a book for new providers who are undergoing a CQC application. Taruna mentors new providers, who often have a caring background but have not run a business. 

 With qualifications in Business Studies, Risk management and as a Goal Mapping Coach, Taruna has many tools at her disposal. 


Operations | Tenders | Compliance    

Keith has worked for 18 years in the health and social care industry-in senior executive positions and as the owner of his own Domiciliary Care Business. 

Keith puts his experience to good use by providing business advice and support with regulatory compliance to Health and Social Care Providers. Particular fields of expertise are Operational Management, Bid/Tender Preparation, Compliance Audits.   


Marketing for Care businesses

Nicki has worked in Marketing for more than 20 years - Nicki has worked with 40+ health, care and other service organisations & charities. 

Improving marketing & sales effectiveness across single and multi-site health and care services, driving change & implementing marketing and business growth systems. 

  Our Partners include


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