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Care Policies – 7 Factors to consider when choosing your supplier

Care Policies

Care Policies – 7 Factors to consider when choosing your supplier

For providers in the care sector, policies and procedures are core to service delivery and set the quality benchmark for the business. For those setting up as a provider of care services, they are also among the biggest costs.

When purchasing policies and procedures from an external provider, it is therefore vital to analyse what you are getting for your money.

What’s so important about Care Policies?

  • Policies and procedures are the means through which your business conveys the principles, ethos and direction of its service to those who deliver that service.
  • Policies underpin all major decisions and actions, while procedures ensure consistent provision of services.
  • Together they give staff at all levels a clear understanding of what is expected of them in the workplace.

Could I write my own?

You may of course decide to write your own care policies and procedures. Most large organisations have a corporate function that is responsible to doing just that. However, within a small- or medium-sized business, without the benefit of such corporate support, producing your own policies and procedures – and ensuring they are kept up to date – is not as easy as it might sound.

It is this second element that is main challenge. Writing policies and procedures is not a one-off event. Once written, they must be kept up-to-date with current legislation, regulations and codes of practice, as well as the latest guidance issued by the regulators (Department of Health and Social Care, the Care Quality Commission, Ofsted) and your local authority (in terms of commissioning, contract frameworks, safeguarding for adult and children’s services, etc.). The list goes on…

The reading and research required to maintain up-to-date policies and procedures is therefore a full-time job in itself. Which is why many decide to buy.

A guide before you buy

Buying in your care policies and procedures is one of the most important decisions you will make as a care provider, providing the foundation for safe and appropriate care and service delivery. Take some time before committing to confirm that what you are buying fits the needs of your business.

Investing this time now will avoid problems in future.

7 factors to consider:

  1. Sample Policies – Ask for sample policies, form templates, etc. This will allow you to gauge the time that will be required for administration, e.g. when updating of the set.
  2. Knowledge – What is the knowledge base and competency of the policy writers?
  3. Editable – Are the policies and procedures editable and, if so, how long do they take to personalise?
  4. Updates – How often are they updated and what happens when case law or government policy changes with immediate effect?
  5. Aftercare & support – What is the level of aftercare service? For example, is there a free support service after you have bought, especially for start-up businesses?
  6. Small Print – Always explore the small print, especially when buying on a monthly fee basis.
  7. Contract LengthHow long is the contract and what will be the final total cost be at the end of that contract? Remember you will not own them until the end of the contract. It may end up cheaper and provide greater security to buy upfront.

Further information

We can provide comprehensive sets of policies and procedures from our carefully selected partners.

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