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Care Business Health Check

People, Processes and Software in the Care Sector

Domiciliary Care | Care Homes - Free

TLC understand the needs of the Care Sector and have an overview of many of the common points of pain:

  • Staffing Challenges
  • Lack of Management Bandwidth
  • Effective Software Selection & Adoption
  • Need to break through Barriers to Growth
  • Need for Improved Profitability & Cost Reductions
However we understand that each care business is different. 
A business health check is designed to collaborate with you in identifying your needs, prioritising them and providing recommendations for next steps. If nothing else, you'll leave with a helpful idea or two.

Barriers to Care Business Growth

...and How to Break Through Them

Domiciliary Care  - 1 day+

Talking to organisations in the  Care Sector has provided an overview of many of the common barriers to growth for domiciliary care business

  • Difficulty in recruiting Care Workers or Managers
  • Insufficient Private Pay Clients
  • Overwhelming paperwork
  • Inefficient software systems
  • Shortage of resource
  • Lack of Management Bandwidth

However we understand that each domiciliary care business is different. 

A Barriers to Growth check is designed to collaborate with you in identifying your challenges, prioritising them and providing recommendations for next steps. If nothing else, you'll leave with a helpful idea or two. 

Care Business Improvement

Improving Profitability, Cash and Client Service

Care Homes | Domiciliary Care  - 1 day+

A systematic approach to help an organisation optimise it's underlying processes, systems and people to achieve more effective results. Outcomes may include:

  • Revenue Analysis and Local Market Demographics
  • Key Cost Review and Cost Reduction planning
  • Staffing & Agency Costs and Resource optimisation
  • Effective use of software and technology
  • Bench-marking and KPIs for the Care Sector
  • Business Plans

Guidance on Selecting Software

Care Plans | Rostering | Care Management that is effective

Domiciliary Care | Care Homes - 1 day+

Your software selection process should discover everything needed to support client care, business operations and your business strategy, including business requirements you may not know you have.

  1. Requirements Analysis 
  2. Software Evaluation
  3. Software Selection
  4. Software Purchase
  5. Prime the Software Implementation
Talking to care businesses and software providers has provided an understanding of the needs of the care sector, an overview of all the current key software solutions, how they compare and how they should work with your team and your other business systems.


Business | Finance | Commercial | Operations

Ian has 25 years experience in finance, operations, IT and business management, partnering senior management.

This has incorporating restructuring, rapid business growth and M&A. With diverse commercial roles in international contract sales, marketing, eCommerce and building multi-site teams. Ian is using skills to unlock growth potential in health and care businesses.


Operations | Processes | QA | Information Systems

Chris is an experienced business leader, who has created and led international businesses in highly regulated sectors including aerospace, chemicals and healthcare.

With extensive experience in the design of systems and processes and the application of data and cloud based technology. Chris is applying these skills to support business improvement and the building of high quality Care businesses.


Business Mentoring | Start Ups 

Taruna has worked with providers in the Health and Care Sector since 2012 .

With business knowledge built on the foundations of compliance standards in the NHS and CQC regulated environments, Taruna can mentor new or existing providers. With qualifications and experience in Business Studies, Risk management and as a Goal Mapping Coach, Taruna has many tools at her disposal. 

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