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Benefits of working with TLC

Why join us?

We have reviewed over 300 technology, software and service providers to the Health and Care Sector.

For those services we do not provide directly, we have partnered with software and service providers who provide solutions that are effective, collaborative and affordable without compromising on quality.

We have spent the time finding, reviewing and getting to know these partners, talking to them about their ethos, what they can offer, what problems they can help solve, their ideas, their strengths and what they could do better. (We suggest these improvements, hopefully in a diplomatic way!)

We are happy to share our knowledge and we still enjoy learning by listening to the day to day real challenges of being a care provider or supplier in the care sector.

Why do we do this?

Our mission is to increase the choice and quality of support available to older and disabled people by making care more effective, collaborative and affordable without compromising on quality.

How can we help?

Contact us for a free review of your current business, whether you are a care provider or supplier and we'll tell you about our programme and, if nothing else, you'll leave with a helpful idea or two.

If that sounds good, just hit contact and we can schedule a time.

20000 +

Care organisations in the Uk


Individuals working in the care sector


Over 55's requiring some form of care

Frequently asked questions

What kind of Care Providers are on The Living Circle?

We have found that all care providers face challenges or areas that they wish to improve. We are still listening and learning and seeking solutions that will provide aspects of help to all providers.

We have software – should I still sign up?

Of course – we have reviewed large numbers of software and services to provide you with a great choice of additional people and technology that could help your organisation. This gives you the time to focus on your organisation and select the help or advice you need, when you need it. 

What type of software or services providers join?

We only want to work with software and service providers who believe in our ethos of affordable, effective, collaborative solutions without compromising on quality. This means no large upfront fees or long term contracts.

I don't want to sign a long term contract?

TLC believes the best way to retain a customer is by providing great service or software, not by asking customers to sign long term contracts. 

Services are payable on hourly or daily rate. For some projects a three or six month commitment makes sense to help you achieve a change or transformation.

Software, may be a small set up or training fee, thereafter it is usually on an initial six month or 12 month basis.



How much does it cost for the services and software?

We are aiming to provide some services free to Members. 

Other services and software have optional spend and upgrades.

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