About Us

Our Why 
TLC’s aim is to increase the choice and quality of support available to older and disabled people by enabling care organisations to be more effective, affordable and collaborative without compromising on quality.

Our How 
We provide CQC Polices, Care Software and People
 - that are leaders in their field
 - that are affordable and effective
 - that work well together
to help build better care organisations together.

Our Approach
Have a chat to discuss your business and discuss what we do and, if nothing else, you'll leave with a helpful idea or two. If that sounds good, just hit Contact me.

Get the support you need. Grow the business you love.
Polices, Software and Services - Effective and affordable separately, powerful together

Lead Advisers

Policies | Compliance

Keith has worked for  18 years in the health and social care industry-in senior executive positions and as the owner of his own Domiciliary Care Business. 

Keith puts his experience to good use by providing business advice and support with regulatory compliance to Health and Social Care Providers. Particular fields of expertise are Operational Management, Bid/Tender Preparation, Compliance Audits.

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Coaching | CQC Compliance

Tina has over 40 years experience in health and social care including as a career and senior manager/executive coaching and leadership. 

Regulatory consultancy and CQC compliance audits or mock inspections. Independent quality and governance consultancy, independent reviewer of safeguarding children and adults and child protection. 

Tina acts as a specialist advisor to CQC and an expert witness for judicial reviews.

Training | Compliance

Jenny has over 30 years’ experience working as a nurse within the health and social care sector and is now able to use these skills in supporting services to train, develop and mentor staff. 

As a specialist advisor to CQC, Jenny has first-hand experience in conducting mock inspections and support services to ensure compliance with the KLOE’s prior to inspections and / or post inspection with action plans when there have been areas of non-compliance.

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Coaching | Mentoring

Vierka moved from Slovakia in 2005 and began working in care. Vierka has been featured in Cotswold Life magazine and a Parliamentary Review on the Care Sector.

Vierka is a care business owner and has implemented a Mentoring and Coaching mentality to help empower all members of staff to reach their full potential. 

Vierka is trained in Coaching and Mentoring and specialises in the Care environment

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Start Up | Mentoring

Taruna has worked with providers in the Health and Care Sector since 2012 .

With experience on compliance standards formed in the NHS, then CQC compliance. Taruna has written a book for new providers who are undergoing a CQC application.  Taruna mentors new providers, who often have a caring background but have not run a business.  With qualifications in Business Studies, Risk management and as a Goal Mapping Coach, Taruna has many tools at her disposal

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Human Resources

Kelly has over 15 years’ experience in the HR world having worked for many leading companies. 

Kelly is a proactive HR professional and firmly believes that HR should be fun, engaging and provide a healthy environment for all to flourish. 

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Nicki has worked with 40+ health, care, membership, publishing, property, service organisations & charities.  

Improving marketing & sales effectiveness across single and multi-site health and care services, driving change & implementing marketing and business growth systems.

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Scott has worked in recruitment, search and selection for 20 years. 

Thousands of Care providers struggle with recruitment & retention. If you're a Domiciliary Care provider, then you can't grow your business and if you're a Residential or Nursing Home, then you're forced to use expensive recruitment & staffing agencies. Effectively recruiting and retaining your team is crucial to the success of your social care business. 

Information Systems

Andy brings over 20 years of senior level consultancy and detailed technical skills delivering healthcare and secure systems. Equally happy as a Project Manager or as Programme Manager for multi-disciplinary programmes. 

Able to draw on his vast experience of Healthcare, Telecare and the design, delivery and implementation of Information Management Systems to support change.

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Healthcare Technology 

Mandy is a CQC adviser for compliance and accurate monitoring of data through healthcare technology and has worked in health and social care for more than 30 years. 

Hands on knowledge of delivering better services and improving outcomes for service users, patients and clinicians through digital transformation safely and effectively. 


Technology Enabled Care

The TSA help organisations that commission and supply technologies such as Telehealth, Telecare, and Telemedicine.

In addition, the TSA support Digital Health services including self-care apps, health IT, mHealth, eHealth, smart home technologies, Artificial Intelligence, connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. 

Mental Capacity | Elderly Law

As a Partner and practising solicitor, Hilary has a particular interest in issues concerning

elderly and vulnerable clients. She deals with all related legal matters, from Will writing and Lasting Powers of Attorney to care home funding issues and disputes about care.

Hilary is an Accredited Member of Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE), and a Full Member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners). 

Leadership Team

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CEO | CFO & Founder

Track record of attracting talented People to build and strengthen teams, enhance performance and deliver new business models.  

With finance and leadership experience in a wide range of SME businesses. 

Proactive and hands on in maximising business performance and business strategy, fundraising, M&A, post-acquisition integration and scaling businesses, from 2 times to 10 times original size.

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CTO & Founder

With extensive experience in the design of Systems and Processes and the application of data and cloud based technology.

Chris is an experienced business leader, who has created and led international businesses in highly regulated sectors including aerospace and healthcare.

Chris is applying these skills to support business improvement and the building of highly effective, high quality Care businesses. 


People, Process, Technology
Organisational Success

The balance of People, Process, and Technology (PPT) drives action. People are the most important part, without people, nothing can happen.

Using a People first approach, Chris and Ian's experience includes:

  • North American Start Up - reached £22m
  • UK Start Up - reached £52m
  • Scale up - from a small team to 800 people
We want to share our knowledge & experience with clients in the care sector

Why Work With Us?


The best way to do something should be the simplest way. We see success not as a task completed but as an outcome achieved. 

We are constantly striving to help our partners and customers reduce day to day workload and improve efficiency.


As many people as possible should be able to receive great health and care. We have the possibility to make a significant impact. 

We repeatedly challenge ourselves and others to provide more from less.


Collaboration is at the heart of the TLC culture. We are stronger when we find great people, work together and trust each other. 

We are consistently looking at ways for our partners, customers and clients to work smarter and faster together.


 Finding solutions to big challenges and continuous improvement and are part of our culture. We are constantly seeking new and better ways to do things. 

We will not compromise on quality.

  Our Partners include


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