care Management System

Our software ensures effective and efficient communication and record keeping whilst saving you time.

Key Benefits:

For your organisation

  • Effectively deliver information to carers
  • Manage CQC regulation
  • Improve staff retention
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Save time and money

For your clients

  • More time for caring
  • Up to date client information at your fingertips
  • Ensure activities are personalised and completed
  • Involve your clients creating a feeling of better care
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Care Home Business Owner and Managers are run off their feet on a day to day basis and there are a number of key areas for concern within the care industry. 

Give your carers more time to care, support CQC compliance, save time and money

How does easy to use software help save administration time?

Improve efficiency and productivity

Remove duplication . Eradicate errors. Measure actual activity times 

One screen input for staff to document activities

Signatures for entries via your finger or a stylus . Mobile use for carers with a solution that is Android enabled .

Ability to provide better flexibility on working patterns

Better planning and communication . Access to information anywhere.

How does a flexible solution help manage running costs?

Flexible payment terms

Free updates and new versions free of charge

Easy and fast changeover from paper based to electronic documentation

With a strong focus on product development and experience of documentation systems we provide an easy to use system designed for the needs and staff capabilities of the care sector.

No long term contracts

We believe the best way to secure long term business is to provide great softweare and customer support

See an overview of how HR can help to develop and retain staff

Easy to use technology and customer support help you run your organisation your way. 

Keeping your managers and staff engaged and up to date

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