Patient Engagement Tools

Our Partner's suite of products form a unique digital health experience for patient engagement.

Instant PHR

The tools individuals need to manage their health independently or in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

Nursing Home Groups | Out Patients | Hospitals

InstantPHR provides all the tools for enterprise organisations to work with patients to achieve better health outcomes 

  • Access, track and save all important health information anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Manage chronic conditions including diabetes, mental health, and obesity 
  • Download, print, and share important medical files and discharge summaries 
  • Authorise other healthcare providers and caregivers to access and view a patient’s personal health records 
  • Securely message healthcare provider
  • Read educational materials based on patient’s conditions, medications, and lab results
  • Set reminders to take medications, and be alerted to upcoming health visits and recommended preventive health measures
  • Schedule appointments with healthcare providers
  • Monitor progress over time with easy-to-read charts and graphs
  • Connect and view health data from home health devices and wearables


A development platform to connect the world of patient data

Nursing Homes Groups | Hospitals

CHBase is a  powerful data aggregation and application development platform that combines clinical data and personal health data for a 360° view of a patient’s health

  • Allows patients to contribute data from their favorite apps and home health devices while retrieving clinical data from providers.
  • Data can be pulled into patient-oriented health applications or population health management and customer analytics systems.
  • Third-party developers can create, develop, and connect other systems and applications through the CHBase APIs. ­
  • Enables storage and exchange of any kind of health data, including structured data, unstructured medical notes, and files (including DICOM or other medical image files).



Your life and your data are an important part of your health journey


Take your health with you!

Lydia let’s you to manage your health…anytime, anywhere! Its interactive user interface brings health data to life.

Lydia is a trusted place where you can organise, store, and share your health information with family and healthcare providers. We look forward to providing you with the tools and information you need to monitor your health and your family’s health.


Patient-Centered Care Management

Outpatient | Adult Care

Ellie is the future of care management.

No more giving patients generic care plans on paper that are quickly lost or forgotten. Ellie replaces endless phone tag and voicemails with messages delivered right into patients’ hands.

Ellie streamlines your care management process and enables you to partner directly with patients for improved outcomes and greater efficiency.

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