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Marketing for the Care Sector

Marketing health audit & strategy development 

Domiciliary Care | Care Homes - 3 to 10 days

The initial audit checks the health of your marketing and usually covers competitor, market and internal analysis. Following an audit the development of your marketing strategy will consider how to

  • Maximise the number of enquiries received and converted
  • Integrate recommendations effectively into your existing processes
  • Use messages that increase visits to your website and are consistent across all marketing channels
  • Encourage your staff, customers and external stakeholders to help you win business
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your website in converting visitors into enquiries
  • Help you convert enquiries into paying customers
  • Use evidence of the good work you do to win new business.  

Marketing for the Care Sector

Consumer & Referral Marketing

Domiciliary Care | Care Homes - 1 to 6 days

Consumer Marketing 

Marketing efforts that are aimed directly at your potential clients. 

Referral Marketing 

Marketing efforts aimed directly at current clients, GP's and others who refer.  

Help with key steps in the marketing process 

Your time and resource is limited. Our marketing services can make sure key steps happen in both Consumer and Referral Marketing, and ensure they are effective and provide results.

Digital Marketing

Use the internet effectively to generate leads

Domiciliary Care | Care Homes - Pay As You Go solutions

Digital marketing is focused on generating results through measurable leads. 

  • Customise your website landing page.
  • Maximise your effectiveness using targeted Pay Per Clicks (PPC) campaigns.
  • Increase your leads by 30%+ with 24 hour LIVE CHAT support.
  • Use tools and techniques to make Google, Bing and Facebook work for you.

Digital Marketing

Google Ads | Facebook Ads

Domiciliary Care | Care Homes - Pay As You Go solutions

Set a budget that works for your business

  • Google Ads can work for almost any advertising budget. Set a monthly budget cap, and never go over it. Plus, you can pause or adjust your spend anytime. 
  • Communicate with people in familiar ways on Facebook. Whether your business is global or rooted in a local community, you can find your customers here.
  • Guidance on where to start, how to target Ads and how to use Ads cost effectively


Marketing for Care businesses

Nicki has worked in Marketing for more than 20 years - Nicki has worked with 40+ health, care and other service organisations & charities. 

Improving marketing & sales effectiveness across single and multi-site health and care services, driving change & implementing marketing and business growth systems. 


Marketing for Healthcare and Care businesses

Rob has 20 years experience in marketing and communication. the field. His market insight and strategic approach enables health and care businesses to engage the market with the right messages and the right marketing mix. 

Applying best practice in innovation adoption, and driven by a focus on results, Rob delivers marketing that helps health and care companies grow. 


Digital Marketing

Tobi has 10 years experience in digital marketing and a huge passion for entrepreneurship, with a core focus on driving measurable results.

Tobi works with Senior Management, Directors & Marketing Managers to help create consistent and repeatable ways of generating high quality leads which convert into profitable customers. 

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