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There is no doubt that the Care industry is facing very challenging times. The right decisions, good leadership and timely information are increasingly important.  

Challenges include:

Shortage of care workers

  • Skills shortage  - Providers find there are too few fully trained care workers
  • Recruitment - There may also be a shortage of care workers

Council commissioning

  • UKHCA’s minimum target price for UK home care services of £19.84 rising to £22.81 in London (to October 2018) which allows full compliance with the Living Wage and the delivery of sustainable home care services to local authorities and the NHS.
  • Due to budget pressures, many local authorities pay significantly below this rate. This in turn puts financial pressure on providers of home care.

Attracting 'self-funders'

  • The top referral marketing source is often current and past clients. 
  • A "good or "outstanding" CQC rating can be key.
  • Word of mouth and the local press can help
  • Digital marketing using targeted Pay Per Clicks (PPC) campaigns and a customised website landing page, with 24 hour live chat support. 

Need help finding carers?

Recruitment services and on-line software specifically for the care sector

 "Time constraints, low pay and lack of training for frontline staff are the key challenges facing care workers in England, according to a survey on homecare. The main challenges facing organisations that provide care were cited as too few fully trained care workers, council commissioning and a shortage of care workers." Guardian/DHSC  Survey

In many areas the major challenge faced by management is finding and keeping sufficient qualified care workers

Effective leadership

Good leadership can only be achieved through good recruitment and staffing policies. HR services can help management teams who are pushed for time to develop the practices and skills to manage staff effectively.

Can better training aid retention of staff?

Providing affordable training for care workers can be challenging. Many care providers are seeing the benefits of eLearning to bridge the training gap.

Innovation in recruitment practices

Any recruitment process needs to be efficient and effective in attracting applicants and selecting candidates. Many Care providers have seen the benefit of affordable recruitment services and easy to use online recruitment software.

However good leadership is, it cannot manage carers without accurate and timely information!

Easy to implement and use, flexible enough to fit in

Domiciliary care software need to be easily implemented, but flexible enough to adapt, allowing organisations to enhance what they are already doing, rather than forcing them to change to fit the system. 

Accurate and timely

Manual systems, paper systems or spreadsheets will fail because they cannot be made sufficiently responsive. However, tools need to make the work of managers and carers easier, not more difficult, and allow them to spend more time at the coal face. with staff and clients

One view

Information should provide management a common view across all clients, locations and staff. Management need to know what is going well and what is not and share best practice, knowledge and expertise from high performing carers to those who are struggling.

See an overview of how HR can help to develop and retain staff

Easy to use technology and affordable services help you get more control, more revenue and more resource. Together, let's make care more effective, more collaborative and more affordable, without compromising on quality.

Keeping your managers and staff engaged and up to date

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