With the ageing demographics, there will be no shortage of people looking for a care home or home care solution. However, some great organisations that have had a steady flow of clients find their business slowing down, or even coming to a complete halt. So what next?

Effective and affordable marketing:

A helping push in the right direction?

  • Competition for clients for care homes and domiciliary businesses can be challenging
  • A "good or "outstanding" CQC rating can be key... 
  • Word of mouth and the local press can help... 
  • Finding the time for Consumer and Referral marketing can be demanding

How to use the internet effectively to generate leads?

  • Digital marketing is focused on generating results through measurable leads. 
  • Customise your website landing page.
  • Maximise your effectiveness using targeted Pay Per Clicks (PPC) campaigns.
  • Increase your leads by 30%+ with 24 hour LIVE CHAT support.
  • Use tools and techniques to make Google, Bing and Facebook work for you.


Care Home Business Owner and Managers are run off their feet on a day to day basis and there are a number of key areas for concern within the care industry 

Find more leads, manage costs, increase occupancy and clients

How can marketing services help find more clients?

Consumer Marketing

Marketing efforts that are aimed directly at your potential clients. The goal is to let people know you exist and help them understand the services you provide, then converting these prospects or "leads" into new clients.

Examples of consumer marketing are newspaper ads, radio ads, a sign on your car door, your website, speaking at ageing, care or volunteering events and having a listing on a consumer outreach website. 

Referral Marketing

Marketing efforts aimed directly at current clients, GP's and others who refer. 

  • The top referral marketing source for home care businesses is often current and past clients. 
  • Also key are those who work closest with the elderly, including healthcare professionals, hospital discharge planners, hospice employees, local authorities, etc. 
  • Build a relationship of trust with clients, health and social care professionals and they are happy to recommend your services to those they know who are in need of home care services.

Help with key steps in the marketing process

Your time and resource is limited. Our marketing services can make sure key steps happen in both Consumer and Referral Marketing, and ensure they are effective and provide results. 

Let an expert team to help you deliver the results you need to find clients and grow your care organisation.


How can digital marketing on the internet help find more care clients in an affordable and effective way?

Have you thought about a Google adwords campaign?

  • You attract customers instantly 
  • It’s faster than SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • You can target specific locations & times
  • You control the costs 

Is it time to consider using Facebook Ads?

  • If you’re targeting a specific demographic then a Facebook ad campaign could be the campaign for you. 

How can "Live Chat" on your website help and is it value for money?

  • Start selling instantly by chatting to your customers that are online and browsing your website right now.
  • Live Chat works 24 hours a day, capturing leads outside of office hours. 
  • All chats, billable and non-billable, are captured on an easy to read platform for you to view at any time.
  • You only pay for the chats that are deemed valuable by YOU. 

Top performing Care Organisations achieve 20%+ operating margins. Establish Effective Reporting Compare to Financial & Operational Benchmarks.

Advice and guidance to get you through the launch stage including a full set of forms and procedures to support your CQC registration.

A range of services that will enable you to solve your recruitment problems. Source, attract and hire individuals with the right values for your business.

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