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Care Policies and Procedures for CQC compliance, staff training.
Peace of mind that your compliance requirements are up to date and being met


CQC Policies and Procedure

  • Domiciliary Care 
  • Residential Care
  • Learning disability and supported living 

Researched and regularly updated to meet regulatory, legislative and good practice guidance. 

From £99 per month


Care Training

  • Care Staff Training Packs. From £99 per pack
  • Health and Social Care Training Courses & Workshops.  £175pp Inc VAT

Evidence for the CQC staff training compliance requirements . Evidence for the Care Certificate 

Care Management Software
TLC partner with leading software solutions proven to save time for management and staff.

Domiciliary Care
Care Management Software

Drop the endless texts and out of date spreadsheets. Software that lets you see all aspects of your care business in one place.

  • Rostering 
  • Call Monitoring 
  • Care Plans 
  • HR & Payroll preparation 
  • Carer & Family Apps

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Residential Care
Shift Management Software

Avoid lengthy periods ringing staff and expensive agency fees

  • Inform staff quickly about suddenly available shifts  
  • Encourage & motivate staff to pick up shifts 
  • Recognise and reward staff and save time and money

Business Support 
The biggest improvement challenge for business owners is finding the time. External support could provide the answer.

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HR & Employment Law Services

We’re here to help. 

From contracts and procedures to dealing with difficult employees, our highly qualified, down to earth team offer practical support whatever the challenge.


Health & Safety

Straightforward solutions that keep your people protected and your business compliant. 

H&S experts help clients take charge of compliance through practical guidance, cloud-based technology, and measurable results. 



A range of recruitment services that will enable you to Solve your #1 Problem
  •  Registered Managers
  •  Care Workers
  •  Nurses
Find individuals with the right values for your business... who are enthusiastic and want to stay.

Marketing and
Digital Marketing

Top performing Care Organisations have waiting lists . TLC partner with a leading expert in Care Marketing to:
  • Increase enquiries and Weekly Care Hours or Occupancy
  • Increase % of self pay clients
Attract clients, scale your business

Business Plans and Benchmarking 

Top performing Care Organisations achieve 20%+ operating margins 
  • Business Plans for Start Ups or Breakout Growth
  • Financial & Operational Benchmarks to improve Profitability

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Solutions that work together

At TLC we partner with our care clients to unlock profitability or growth potential and provide sustainable high quality care. We use an integrated approach:
  • Software
  • Policies and Training
  • Business Support

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